Dressed up with short shorts(different short types)

With the warming of the weather and the gradual replacement of warm clothes with cool clothes, shorts are welcomed and given a lot of attention by all men and women, and everyone is looking to buy light, cool and beautiful shorts for more comfort. Buying women’s shorts seems a bit difficult and complicated considering the variety of models and types that are offered to the market by manufacturers today.

About Women’s Shorts

Shorts or shorts are a type of pants that are popular among both men and women. Shorts are used to cover the lower part of the human body. It is used sparingly. Depending on its size, it has different models. Some cover the top of the knee. Others cover the area between the knee and the ankle. Ester, rayon, satin, etc. In fact, any fabric used to sew and produce other garments is used here as well.

Types of women’s shorts

As mentioned before, the variety of models of women’s shorts is great. To buy it, you must pay attention to both your style and the purpose for which you buy it, that is, in what situation you want to use it. You must consider that the shorts Women want a house or sports. Do you want sports or formal. The type of waist shorts should also be considered when buying. Whether you want a waistband or shorts that fit the waist; Again, it depends on your comfort and taste. Certainly, shorts with a waist are easier. Regarding the size of the shorts, you should usually buy comfortable and sports shorts larger than Formal shorts. And viscose is used. Regarding the background of a type of shorts called Bermuda, it should be mentioned that it was designed during the Second World War. The reason for this design was due to the lack of fabric. This type of shorts is up to the knees. It was common among soldiers.

Women’s shorts by gender

Cotton women’s shorts are usually used to make cotton home pants. Yarn is usually not harmful to the skin, but it is less durable. For higher durability, yarn and polyester can be used together.

Shorts with melange and dorsal material; this material is used to produce sports shorts. Sport shorts are also usually popular.

Women’s shorts made of polyester; this type of women’s or men’s shorts is usually used for sports. This material is usually very flexible and is suitable for sports movements.

Jeans: People who are very interested in jeans are probably also fans of jeans. It is usually more stylish and elegant.

Important points when buying women’s shorts

Product material: Always pay attention to the material of clothing is one of the first important points in buying them. Today, women’s shorts with different materials such as suede, denim, fabric, linen, cotton, wool, polyester, etc. are designed and produced, which you should see as a well-dressed and tasteful lady looking for what material You are shorts for yourself or your other friends.

Appropriate size: The size factor for shorts consists of two parts; The first part is about the size of your waist and hips, and the second part is about the length of the shorts, which are either short and above the knee or on the knee and below it.

How to close: Another important point in buying women’s shorts is how to close them. Some of them have zippers, some have straps and some have straps on their waists, which one you should be interested in using.

Shorts model: Women’s shorts generally have three models: absorption, straight and also wide-legged, which you should see the desire to buy and use which of these models to cover yourself at home or even friendly periods and You will have a formal.

Crotch type: Crotch size is another thing that should be considered when buying a pair of women’s or even men’s shorts. As you know, crotches have three sizes: short, medium and also long, of course, the third case; This means that long crotches are not assigned to shorts and you can only find shorts that have short or medium crotches in the market.

Pocket: Whether or not your shorts have pockets is a matter of taste, and we just mentioned this to let you know that if you want, you can buy women’s shorts with pockets. It should be noted that the number of front and rear pockets is also an important factor.

Type of use: In general, the use of shorts is divided into three areas: sports, comfort and also formal. You should consider buying a stylish but simple model according to the type of need and the place where you are going to use your favorite shorts. Be for formal occasions or a fancy and patterned model to wear in your intimate and everyday gatherings.

Washability: It is always better to pay attention to how clothes are washed so that they do not lose their quality and last for you. This also applies to washing women’s shorts, and depending on the type of material used, you should wash it by hand or in the washing machine.

The price of women’s shorts: As you know, many different factors affect the price of women’s shorts, which we tried to introduce some of the most important factors in this article and increase your information in this regard more than before.

Tips on setting up women’s shorts

Sometimes combining the clothes you have in your closet is a little difficult for you. Pay attention to a few points in this regard.

You can use white sneakers or white tops to combine white shorts or lace with white lace. This style is suitable for going to the beach or for a walk.

Some shorts have crowded designs on them or small stones have been used to decorate the shorts. To set these women’s shorts, use a simple top and usually neutral colors.

For spring and summer style, you can use a combination of colored denim shorts with a simple top or shoe.

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