Introducing all kinds of jeans skinny

Jeans are one of the most popular and oldest fashions of all time, today we will take a look at the introduction of different types of jeans from the most popular skin to the old style that was used but has returned to the fashion world today. Jeans really give a special charm to women. No woman’s wardrobe is complete without different models of women’s jeans. Wearing jeans is the most popular casual style in the world. Jeans made of denim fabric have different names, which are called different models or cuts.

Different names and models of women’s jeans

Today’s jeans have different types, designs and names that are suitable for different types and situations. To buy your favorite pants, in addition to paying attention to color, material, model and comfort, it is better to know the names of different models of women’s jeans.

1. Low Rise Jeans

These pants are about 5 inches below your navel and are very popular. It is not suitable for formal occasions because of its crotch, but you can wear it for leisure or casual outings.

2. Mid Rise Denims Regular Jeans

If you have big buttocks, this model of pants is a good choice for you. These pants are located slightly below the navel, are easily worn by most people and are also suitable for going to work.

3. High Rise Jeans Styles

This is one of the different models of women’s jeans that has a high waist and above the navel and goes well with the blouse that you put in the pants. This model is better for normal and lean bodies. If the waist is fat or short, it is better to use this model of jeans with a belt. To look slimmer in the upper body, it is better to wear dark crotch jeans with dark blouses.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

The name of this model might be funny. But this is one of the most popular models of women’s jeans. Its name is taken from the loose model and it says that it is as if the girls have taken it from a boy’s wardrobe. The model of these pants is tight at the waist and has loose and comfortable heels. This model is suitable for fat legs.

5. Straight / Cigarette Jeans

If you are not very bony but still like to wear skinny jeans, choose this model from different models of women’s jeans. In this model, the hems are completely smooth and do not become tight or loose. The model balances the buttocks and is suitable for women with full breasts.

6. Boot Cut Jeans

Of the various models of women’s jeans, this one is suitable for all body models, because it shows the legs straight and elongated. This model is not suitable for small and very short women because the skirts do not show their body shape beautifully. This model of pants was very popular in the 70s and 80s and now it is back in the fashion world.

7. Flare Jeans

This is one of the different models of women’s jeans that you can go back to the 70’s. These re-fashioned pants expand from the knee down. If you are thin, wear this model so that its thighs are sticky.

8. Wide Leg Jeans

This model of jeans is completely loose from the thighs to the bottom. If you are short, do not wear this model. This model goes great with a tight top.

9. Skinny Leg Jeans

This model of jeans is good for slim and fit legs. This model is completely sticky and shows the shape of the legs perfectly. This model of jeans can be set with many tops and worn in different situations. If you do not want the shape of your buttocks to be completely noticeable, it is better to use straighter pants.

10. Cropped Jeans

This is one of the different models of women’s jeans that are shorter than the height of your legs. This model shows the legs taller and slimmer. You will be very stylish by wearing these jeans and a high heel. Now that you know the different models of women’s jeans, it is enough to choose the right jeans according to your body shape and taste.

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