Guidances to clean your clothes from dye

The easiest way to remove paint stains from clothes!

I think we have all experienced at least once that our favorite clothes have been dyed; Now we are either unconscious and leaning against the colored wall or subconsciously dragging the colored brush into our lovely jeans and then looking for a solution to this problem. But this will help you to know what to do next time if this happens again if you want to remove paint stains from clothes.

Take quick action to remove paint stains from clothes

You need to act quickly to remove paint stains from your clothes, new stains that have not yet penetrated into the fabric of the clothes are easier to remove, if a paint stain spills on your clothes or try to remove it very quickly Rinse with water and fill.

Know the colors

You first need to know the colors to know what material you should use to remove the colors from the clothes. Water-based paints are easier to clean than oil-based paints. But oil-based paints stay wet longer, giving you more time to clean. Part of preparing for painting is to leave whatever tools you feel you need to clean.

Note: Always check clothing labels to make sure that solvents do not damage the paint.

Water based paints

Water-based paints are usually cleaned with alcohol. The best type of alcohol to do this is 91% isopropyl alcohol. The first step to eliminate this is to first wash the paint stain with detergent and warm water, if the stain is fresh, most of the stain effect will be removed with this work, but if there is still some stain left, it is better with Wipe an alcohol-soaked toothbrush on the stain, if it still does not clean, repeat this and consume more alcohol. When the stain is completely removed, wipe off the excess alcohol with a damp cloth and then dry it.

Note: If isopropyl alcohol is not available, you can use Aston instead.

Oil based paints

The solvent for oil-based paints is usually gasoline. And it is usually much harder to remove stains from these colors on clothes. To remove this type of stain from clothes, you will need gloves and filtered masks, because gasoline is a dangerous substance and may damage your skin and lungs. To do this you will need a place with strong ventilation and preferably open space.

Put a piece of towel under the stain to absorb gasoline. Pour a small amount of gasoline on the stain you want to wet the surface on it, then try to remove the paint stain from the clothes using a piece of cotton. Keep doing this until the color is completely gone.

When the stain is completely removed, you can wash the clothes to remove the effects of gasoline; If this is not possible, you can put a clean towel under it and this time pour clean water instead of gasoline and use the same towel to dry the surface as much as possible.

Painting a house can be a fun and engaging family activity, but you need to be prepared for any eventuality and provide enough solvent.

Important note:

Speed ​​of action is essential in removing paint from clothing.

The older the stain, the harder it will be to wash off the paint stain.

Before taking any action, make sure that you know the fabric of your clothes well and that the materials you use do not damage the fibers and texture of the clothes.

Finally, if your stain is old and you have no hope of removing it by washing the stain, the best way is to leave the clothes to dry.

In laundries, instead of water, strong solvents are used to clean clothes.

In addition, in the stage of staining clothes, the oldest and hardest stains will be removed with the help of laundry detergents.

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