All About Bedspreads(Bedsheets&coverlets)

One of the most important elements in the bedroom is a suitable bedspread and duvet. When you decide to buy bedding accessories, including bedding, there are many options available to you.

Simple or patterned bedspreads, the use of natural or synthetic fibers and its brand are among the factors that are involved in choosing a bedspread.

Convenient and good bedding features

The bedspreads are generally lightweight and are placed on the bed as a decorative and functional layer. Choosing the right bed allows you to be undisturbed during the night and sleep comfortably.

Also, using the appropriate types, induces a good feeling and creates style in the bedroom space. In general, bedspreads are different from quilts, and one of their characteristics is that they are lightweight.

The bedspread can also be considered a complete set of everything needed for the bed. The bedspread hangs from the three sides of the bed. Blankets have more diverse colors than quilts and can be considered decorative items.

The bedspread is larger than the blanket. If you live in an area with a warm climate, using a bedspread is better than a blanket; Because it is easier to fold or arrange than a blanket.

To choose a bedspread, you can use formal bedspreads, double bedspreads, thin bedspreads, or different types of satin. There are generally different types of bedspreads and you can choose one of them according to your taste.

The purpose of using a bedspread

Blankets are often considered as decorative items. They are originally used to warm, beautify and create a classic, modern and luxurious style in the bedroom.

Choose the right size of bedspread

Blankets come in a variety of sizes. Choosing the exact size of the bedspread is very important and should be chosen according to the size of the mattress. For example, the appropriate size for double bedspreads is 70 by 92. What matters here is your taste in bedding.

For example, you need to know how much the bedspread hangs around the bed. If you use a shorter type than the size of the bed, you can install a pleated fabric at the bottom of the bed and around it to ensure that the bed is covered and invisible.

Maintenance of the bedspread

The maintenance and care of the bedspreads varies depending on the material. Most beds can be washed in the washing machine. However, it is better to refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer before attempting to wash and to prevent damage.

Use bedspreads to decorate the room

Blankets are available in different colors, materials and designs and can be used in modern and traditional designs. So you can use your imagination to choose the right bedspread for your bedroom. It is also possible for you to use bedding sets that include quilts and pillowcases.

Luxury bedspreads

Luxury bedspreads are usually made of high quality silk or satin and many decorations are done on them. These bedspreads are usually decorative and are considered as decorative and luxury in the bedroom. Luxury and expensive bedspreads are usually heavy and the best type of fibers and fabrics are used in their production.

Bride’s bedspread

Blankets commonly used by newlyweds and couples have bright colors such as white, vegetable, pink and light blue. These bedspreads are usually large in size and hang from the bed to the floor. These bedspreads are considered as decorative German and they are made of very beautiful nets and special pearls.

Girl bedspread

Girls’ bedspreads usually have bright and cheerful colors and have sporty and fancy designs and patterns. Teenage girls usually look for bedspreads with pink tones and doll, fruit, flower, and heart designs.

Boys’ bedspread

Boys usually like sporty and simple bedspread designs and usually look for bedspreads in black, navy blue, blue, red, yellow and gray.

The difference between bedspreads and quilts

Material and size

Bedding is usually a small, decorated version of a bed cover. In contrast, quilts are made by sewing different fabrics together. Bedding is usually a little

 thick and is used to beautify the bed.

However, bedspreads are only used to cover the bed and are not necessarily used as warming blankets. In general, it can be said that the beds are mostly decorative. If you plan to use a quilt to cover the bed, use patterns that have patterns sewn on them.

The size of the quilt is usually the same as the size of the bedspread. Of course, they may be a little bigger, but they have more heat. Using a bedspread is not just about covering the bed; Instead, you can give a beautiful look to the bedroom space by using a suitable bed cover.

Types of bedding fibers

Today, in the process of producing bedspreads and sheets, a lot of attention is paid to the quality of the fibers used in this field. The main choices are:

Cotton bedspread

We all agree that the wonderful properties of cotton have made it one of the most popular fibers in clothing as well as in bedding. Cotton keeps moisture away from our body. Also, these fibers are very soft and pleasant, and when you put your body in a large amount of cotton, you have a lot of fun.

Linen Bedding

Flax is another natural fiber that is produced from the flax plant and in terms of positive properties is almost equal to cotton. The feeling that flax creates on the skin is a cooler and different feeling. Pure linen has a longer shelf life than pure cotton, but may lose its color or wrinkle over time.

Keep in mind that you can not always get quality linen in the desired color; Because the processes that these fibers go through may cause them to break down; Therefore, manufacturers prefer to keep linen white or yellowish white.

Silk Bedding

Silk is definitely the most luxurious fabric for the bed; Because it is very soft and like heat, they keep the heat inside and may cause extra heat during the summer. You have to take care of the silk carefully, because it is easily torn by sharp objects.

To protect and prevent spoilage, you may have to take the silk to the laundry and incur high maintenance and service costs. Silk is not suitable for summer nights, because in such weather, silk sticks to the skin.

Cotton and polyester bedspreads

You can find sheets in which cotton and polyester are blended in different proportions. This compound is more expensive than pure cotton. These quilts do not wrinkle as easily as pure cotton fibers, but it does tell us that they cannot absorb moisture well.

Raven Bedding

Raven fibers are derived from coastal trees. At first glance, Raven has a silky texture and appearance, as it is very soft. But you can wash these fibers like cotton and not worry about them wrinkling.

Proper rayon fabrics can be costly, as the best and most luxurious brands offer these fibers for around $ 1,000. According to experts, raven fabric is much more durable than pure cotton.

Bamboo fiber bedspread

These fibers may not be your first choice for a perfect bedding fabric, but bamboo quilts seem to be soft and durable. Of course, these fibers take on a rough surface after washing. Bamboo obviously does not have the durability of cotton, linen and rayon.

Bamboo fabrics absorb more moisture and remove it from the body compared to rayon and other sheets made of wood. At first glance, it seems that the use of wood fiber for the production of sheets is beneficial for the environment as well as homes; But wood fiber is broken down into smaller pieces by flammable chemicals, and the resulting fabric does not break down easily.

Contrary to some vendors who want to convince us that these fabrics are antiseptic, this is not true and it is completely wrong.

By choosing the right fabrics, pillows and sheets for the bed, you no longer have to adjust the temperature regularly while sleeping, wear a lot of clothes or spread extra bedspreads. Here are four essential tips to help you achieve this goal:

Choose 100% pure cotton

Pure cotton is the choice of most homeowners and those who can afford expensive fabrics. When buying cotton for your bed, pay attention to its fibers (the more, the better). Cotton regulates your body temperature in all conditions.

Mattress insulation

When you are resting, 30% of the heat generated by your body is absorbed by the mattress. That’s why you need the right sheets for your mattress to bring that heat back to your body. Now it can be a soft and fluffy bedspread or a soft sheet and pads that increase the comfort of the mattress.

Fibers and quilt colors

The market is full of fibers and colors for quilts, and it is not difficult to find a quilt whose colors and materials you need. We suggest using duck and goose feathers that have the right weight and heat.

These quilts have a 10 or 11 degree tag in autumn and winter. The degree of the tag is the basis of the quality of the quilt, which indicates the weight, warmth and softness of the quilt, so the higher the number of the tag, the warmer and softer the quilt will be. Quilts from this porcelain are expensive, but a good quilt is always lasting.

Warm and soft blankets

If you live in a cold area, be sure to use a blanket or cover for warmth. The cover should be large enough to cover the entire bed, and in this case, no matter how you sleep, the blanket will not leave your body.

The end word

In short, the beds are lightweight and are used to decorate the room. The bedspreads are not very warm. In the production of bedspreads, a thin layer of cotton has been used, which allows it to be placed correctly around the bed.

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