Everything About Pet’s Safe Door(Gate)

According to statistics, 44% of American households have a dog and 35% have at least one cat. Of course, these statistics do not yet include the millions of birds, small mammals, reptiles and fish kept in the home. Whether we like it or not, these animals have now become part of the families and lives of many people around the world. For this reason, modern technologies seek to provide a more comfortable life for pets and their owners.

In terms of interior decoration, we want to talk about interior decoration and pets. Animal love is associated with humans more than ever these days, pets that are sometimes an integral part of a family and are so dear to us that we are present, hair loss, maintenance problems and a lot of money for vaccination and nutrition and Treatment and … as well as considering a part of the home space for them to live but have them by our side. Stay tuned for more.

Due to the fact that some pets are kept in houses and villas, the issue of pet movement is very important.

Today, it is possible to produce upvc double glazed doors where pets can move.

Also, depending on the size of the pets, a suitable entrance will be installed on the upvc double glazed door.

Doors for passing animals can be applied in different sizes and all types of frames. These doors allow pets to easily pass through after a training course and have access to the play area or open space, they are very suitable for balconies and backyards.

Pet entrance door

Some animals live both indoors and outdoors. In ancient times, animal doors were always cut in such a way that a part of the door was cut and then covered with plastic or cloth or any other material. It used to be a place for animals to travel, but today the entrance and exit doors for animals have become much more modern and beautiful. One of these ways is to design a small door like the main entrance door inside the current door, so as not to damage the beauty and security of the front door. Sometimes prefabricated plastic doors are installed in doors or windows that the animal can easily enter and exit by pushing. Pets have a special place in European decoration, you can find very interesting ideas from European sites.

Ability to create animal traffic door in Upvc door

One of the most important issues in keeping pets is the door to their movement in and out of the house …

Double-walled door for animal traffic The movement of animals is provided by magnetic doors that are installed at the bottom of another door.

Due to the wide range of uses of Upvc double glazed doors, the ability to place animal traffic doors in this product is also possible.

For this purpose, you can also use the animal door in situations where Upvc doors are installed, such as the entrance door to the courtyard, the balcony door and the back door of villas.

Animal Traffic Door Upvc Door

To do this, it is better to use the bottom of the double-glazed door panel. As you can see in the picture opposite, to place the animal entrance door in the double-glazed door, the bottom and the bottom of the glass have been replaced to the panel.

* Of course, if necessary, you can cut the glass in the double-glazed glass factory and install the animal traffic door in the Upvc door.

  After specifying the dimensions of the animal door, the Upvc panel is cut to specific dimensions and the door is inserted. This product can be installed in all Upvc doors and windows.

Do a lot of research on caring for your pet. While these steps are general guidelines for pet ownership, each animal has its own care and you should follow them. Ask friends who have similar pets, or visit the library and search the Internet for your breed or species. Your information in this regard is certainly never complete and comprehensive.

Be flexible when you bring your pet home. Pets have personalities and have different wants and needs.

In any case, if we invite an animal to the house, we have a duty to provide the best space for her life, we will be by your side in this way.

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