What are platform beds?(No extra space)

Bed planning is the main task when creating an apartment. If there is not much empty space, how can a room be functional and useful as much as possible? The design of the main furniture is a tribune bed, a successful solution to many emerging issues. The designers have done a great job – the variety of models offered allows you to create a comfortable, stylish and harmonious room.

The main priority of this type of furniture is saving open space and storing items. Buyers of small apartments pay special attention to this property of cabinets, furniture and upholstered. The tribune platform is one of the most demanding due to its structure with a wide selection of mechanisms and functions. The tribune flat device in a beautiful design gives the room a special individuality and charm.

Are you looking for suitable furniture for small rooms?
This article gives you ideas on small furniture and beds that are suitable for small rooms so that when designing your bedroom, you can easily choose the best and most suitable option and save your time and energy.

Interior designers have good news for the residents of small houses.
With today’s urban apartments, old-fashioned home layouts and the reduction of modern space, everyone wants a plan that can be used to expand the small space of their room.

Your little bedroom may be a divine gift for a good night’s sleep, the American Sleep Association recommends moving stimulating activities out of your bedroom.
They warn us that distractions such as watching TV, using the Internet, computers, working, etc. will disrupt our sleep patterns and double our fatigue, so be less active in your bedroom. The more you sleep and relax, the more energy you can save for daily activities.
Your bedroom should look like a safe and quiet haven, so make it a warm and intimate environment for your comfort


What is a platform bed?
The platform bed consists of a flat rectangular plate or bed on which the mattress is placed and has no components next to it. Unlike traditional beds, these modern models are placed on the floor and rise about 30 cm above the surface. Of course, there are models that can be adjusted for more than this height. These bed models are very soft and practical and are designed and made in a variety of styles and models.

Advantages and disadvantages of platform beds

Advantages of platform bed:
• They are durable and strong
• They have a great variety of models and styles
• They are very comfortable
• They can have extra storage space
• They do not need a bed spring
Disadvantages of the platform bed:
• They do not normally have space under the bed
• It is difficult to move them because they are big and heavy
• They can be expensive

Choose the right platform bed model:

  1. Bed with solid surface
    You can see this model well in the picture above. The lower surface of the bed is smooth and solid and there is no empty space under it. This model is usually chosen because of its beauty and strength.
  1. Mobile platform bed
    The photo above shows you an example of a moving platform bed. This model, which has bases under it, provides easy portability. But it also creates a floating state. This model, like the previous model, does not have space under the bed.
  1. Platform bed with storage space
    In this model, the underside of the bed has drawers and storage spaces. So it can be ideal for small bedrooms. Depending on the design and model of the bed, these storage spaces can be designed in a vague and uniform way.
    Select the bed surface
  2. Tape level
    A bed with such a bottom surface means that it is made of wooden frames and these strips or rods are placed in different distances and sizes according to the amount of required air flow and the type of mattress. If you have a foam mattress, this model may be right for you.
  3. Metal surface
    A metal surface works great with traditional mattresses. Especially for mattresses that have high rigidity and strength.
  1. Solid surface
    A solid platform surface is ideal for experiencing a restful and comfortable sleep and is more durable than the previous two types. Of course, this model, due to being closed, has less air circulation than the other two models.

Select platform bed material

  1. Metal bed
    Metal beds have unique durability, simplicity and beauty. If you are looking for a modern or industrial style, metal is a great option. A platform bed with a metal surface will also have a high durability over time
  1. Coated platform bed
  2. If you are looking to create a comfortable feeling along with beauty in your bedroom, a stylish and modern upholstered bed will be a great option for you. These models have a variety of colors and can be cleaned. In some samples, fabrics such as leather and velvet are used.

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