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Why Wear Wool Socks?

The most obvious contrast between all socks, athletic or dress, is how long your socks are. But there is another point, which makes different kinds of socks. This point makes various types, which is material of socks. One of these materials is wool. Wool socks are helpful for some cold days.

Why wear wool socks?

Here, we will explain why and where you need to wear wool socks. Also, we will discuss the important points of having clean socks.

Read the below text and choose your socks like an expert and take care of your feet.

Why Everyone Should Be Wearing Wool Socks

If you have not felt the charm of using wool socks in the winter, now is the opportunity to experience that. In cool, wet weather, cotton athletic socks are not appropriate. When it becomes wet, cotton misses all insulating features, so it seems that you are not wearing anything on your feet.

There is no difference in how warm are your winter boots. If you are wearing wool socks, you will never experience cold, damp feet.

Wool, especially super-soft wool, has some individual advantages over cotton. Wool socks are the best fabric choice for winter wear.

According to the recent searches, there are a lot of advantages of wearing wool socks, like:

  • Wool is the best insulator, just opposite of cotton. If you wear wool socks, your feet will be warm when the weather is cold out there.
  • Another advantage that wool socks prepare for your feet is that they will absorb a high amount of wet. Wool is a material that can take a third of its substance in wet ere it begins to seem wet.
  • If your feet are sweaty, wool is the best choice for you. It will keep its insulating features while it is wet.
  • On the other hand, you can dry wool socks much more immediately than cotton or another type of socks.
  • Wool fibers generally have anti-bacterial qualities because of their physical nature. It means that there is no need to wash them every time you use them. Admittedly, you can wear them multiple times before washing.

Be careful that the world of wool is not all warm and toasty feet. There are some weak points about wool socks, too.

  • They are not high comfortable to use all the time. Most companies recommend not wash the socks on a washing machine. They usually recommend washing them handly and lay them flat to dry. It is dull and disturbing, even if you do not have to make it each time you wear the socks.
  • It is also stupid to wear wool socks for continued times while exercising on a carpet since the fiber grating is harmful to the socks’ durability.
  • Also, if you purchase second-rate non-merino wool socks, you will experience annoying itchiness. While the best brands will not make you itch at all, but lower standard kind wool does.

If I want to name the two best wool socks brands, I will mention both SmartWool and Wigwam socks.

How Often Should I Wash My Wool Socks?

  • I do not understand how somebody can work weeks without washing their wool socks. If you are usually smelly, your socks will become seriously dirty after 2-3 days on the way.
  • That is the time where you want to either work your washing machine at home or find a way to wash your socks on the way. If you cycle your socks, you will take a few more days, but it depends on the temperature, too. If the weather is rainy or you go through mud roads, you have to wash your wool socks every day.
  • If you want to go on a trip, no difference how long it is, you always have to bring three pairs of socks. One for hiking, one is for a rotation, and the other for around camp. When one pair becomes sweaty and nasty, you have to clean them off and attach them to the back of your pack to drain.

Do Wool Socks Smell?

  • There is no show that who said for the first time that wool socks do not smell bad. While wool reduces bacteria growth, it still confines sweat and overall nastiness.
  • Even if your wool socks are dry and comfortable, your socks will start sweating and smell bad after some days. Wool is more useful than cotton and plastic socks, but they will smell, too.
  • That does not give you an explanation to scent like sweaty closet room. The efficiency of handwashing wool mixed with the smell resistant abilities makes wool socks a great option. Just remember to wash your socks after using some days.

Why Does Wet Wool Smell Bad?

Wet wool socks have their different smell. While it is hard to describe, it practically smells like a mixture of mildew and a wet animal. It hugely depends on what makes the smell.

How Do You Clean Smelly Wool Socks?

  • You have to wash wool socks like other parts of clothing. Just be cautious not to flinch or harm your wool socks. Evade applying the high temperature on your machine and dryer.
  • The smell habitually dismisses after throwing the socks in the washing machine. Just put the washer in soothing style with either a cold or hot temperature setting. You can use Nikwax Wool Wash, which makes out the soft touch of wool. Continue that by throwing the socks in the dryer on moderate heat.
  • A quick wash/dry cycle regularly makes your socks smell well, but sometimes you require a more sufficient method. If the problem is sweat and body oils, a sharp vinegar soak will help. Just fill up a container with white vinegar and soak your socks for a few moments. Continue your work with a natural wash period.


Everybody has to wear warmer socks in winter, like wool socks. Here in this blog post, we introduced you which is the best way to wear wool socks. What causes your wool socks to smell bad, and how to wash them appropriately?

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