Different Type of Socks (where to wear)

People wear socks for various reasons. First, it protects their feet from sweat and blisters. Second, it helps them to keep your feet warm. Also, many people use it as a fashion accessory. You can wear some of them every day. There are some other socks that you can use in particular places, and some for specific activities like sports. So, do not imagine that this is a no essential piece of clothing.

Be careful that you choose the right pair of socks because they can make or break your style. As it is vital to select the right pattern and color, you have to choose the right length, too.

What are different types of socks?

Here are different types of socks, we can wear in different situation.

  1. Thigh high socks
  2. Wool socks
  3. Heated socks
  4. Crew socks
  5. Fuzzy socks
  6. No show socks
  7. Nano socks
  8. Diabetic socks
  9. Copper fit socks
  10. Ankle socks
  11. Slipper socks
  12. Boot socks
  13. Fox in socks
  14. Copper fit comparison socks

Here, in this below text, we will introduce each one shortly.

Thigh-high socks

It is a kind of socks that comes up to your knee. Usually, you can wear them in skirts, dresses, or shorts. People may know them as flirty socks, but they can keep you warm, too.

Wool socks

Today, people use itch-free fibers of merino wool instead of the scratchy rag-wool socks earlier generations worn. The best improvement about these socks is that they have the thermostatic option (temperature-regulating). So you will feel more comfortable if you try this new version of socks. Wool socks help you to keep your feet dry in all weather.

Heated socks

Heated socks are useful for all seasons. They keep your feet warm. Also, they are among breathable and hygienic socks. They provide you to keep your feet comfortable through the day. You may like to use heated socks because they can protect your feet from cold weather, it helps you to enjoy more when you are outdoors, and they are among ultra-soft and breathable socks. Also, you can use them as a perfect gift for family or friends.

Crew socks

Crew socks are types of socks, which come above the middle of your calf. People know them as the most popular sock model as they can wear them with almost all clothes. You can coordinate them with pants, shorts, skirts, sandals, flats, sneakers, or boots. You can wear them in both casual and formal situations, and they will always keep your feet warm.

Fuzzy socks

It is a type of cute woolly socks that people like to use all days, even on hot summer days. Be sure the mentality around wearing fuzzy socks goes something like this:

In winter, people say these fuzzy socks are the best thing I see ever.

In spring, they say these fuzzy socks are perfect. They can keep my feet warm at home.

In summer, they will say it is warm, so I do not need to wear fuzzy socks. But if I go on a weekend trip, I have to pack them because I do not know about that place’s weather.

In fall, they will say the weather is getting cold again, and I need to have another fuzzy sock.

No-show socks

These socks cover your feet while your ankles and calves are bare. They are thin and light and appropriate to wear in summer. You can wear them with flats, loafers, and other shoes that you do not want others to see your socks.

Nano socks

There is no specific fact about Nano socks when you search on the internet. Some sources state that those are light compression socks, while others knew them as a sock with secret top-notch technology.

Diabetic socks

Diabetic socks help you keep your feet dry. They reduce the risk of foot pain and improve blood circulation. They are known as a fundamental element of foot care, which is an essential part of diabetes control.

Copper fit comparison socks

You can find compression socks in an extended range of matters, lengths, and patterns. They implement various degrees of pressure as their different lengths.

Ankle socks

Quarter-length known as ankle socks reach up just up to your ankle bone and touch your bones. They can protect your ankles from scraping while you are wearing mid- or high-top shoes toe.

Slipper socks

 You can use this versatile footwear over the year, and unlike what everyone believes, you can chuck them into a washing machine when dirty.

Boot socks

Boot socks are a sort of socks fitting to use with boots. Usually made from knitted cotton. Boot socks give more comfort and heat in cool weather.  Boot socks differ in lengths, varying from normal-sized socks to knee-high length socks.

Copper fit socks

We usually recommend copper socks for people who like soft feet clear of calluses. We especially suggest them to people who have blisters or any foot pains since they help improve wound healing, which is useful for diabetic people. Finally, we recommend them to anyone who needs to preserve their feet from fungi or those who have Athlete’s foot.

Fox in socks

We believe that all people need a little fox-in-socks in their life. This funny small knit will surely make a smile on your face every time you want to wear them. You might see these fox in socks in different length and different colors with a funny picture of the fox all over it. It is good to wear them with informal clothes like jeans and your favorite chunk tailor shoes. You can wear them in parties, gatherings with friends, school time, and other casual events. 


It is good to know wear which pair of socks with which type of clothes and shoes. If you make it wrong, you will run the danger of seeming like a scruff. Here, in the above text, we introduce you to fourteen different types of socks which you can choose among them and wear like a fashionable one.

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