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Standard thickness, Stocking model number, Solid pattern, Cotton material, Brand Meihuida, Socks length is 36. Supply colors: black, dark gray, gray, white.

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Dark Grey

These set of cheap thigh high socks are  from the Meihuida brand. You can see it with the model number: Stockings. These available socks are proper for all women, especially for young tall ladies and teenagers who wants to look gorgious. there for  there is no sexually suggestive about these thigh socks. It is possible to have them in different, charming colors like gray, dark gray, black, and white. You can wear them with shorts and miniskirts.

Material: these high thigh socks based material is cotton. These bodies make them smooth and high stretchy. They are kind of cheap socks, so it is affordable for all people to buy them.

These socks are 36 lengths and with standard thickness.

Style match: these popular tight socks can represent you to look sexier. You can match the colors with all colors of your shorts and skirts or dresses.

Extended usages: these socks are fit to wear with sneakers and sports shoes, high boots. You also can use these socks for informal events, clubs, parties, or even formal places like your job. These are models of tight high socks that can be a perfect choice for all seasons.

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