Thigh high socks with Guipure


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Used for women/female/ladies/girls, Suitable for spring, autumn, winter.

Polyester material, Brand Arherigele, Model Number NH422, Floral item type, High tube length, CN origin.

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Black Guipure
Black with white lines
Dark blue Guipure
Dark Gray
Grey Guipure
White Guipure
White with black lines
White with blue lines

We like to present a sort of thigh high socks with Guipure from the Arherigele brand. You can find it with model number: NH422. The product name is women’s stockings, female stockings.

There is no sexual intrigue about these goods, and it is without any obscene picture. It has a floral pattern with different colors like black, black Guipure, black with white lines, dark blue Guipure, dark gray, grey, grey Guipure, white Guipure, white with black stripes, and White with blue stripes. You can buy them in two different styles of stripe and lace.

Material: these thigh high socks are composed of a Polyester body. This item makes these popular socks supple. So you can use them properly, and they will not hurt you at all.

We present these thick standard socks in nylon stockings. These are kind of CN origin socks with high tube length.

Style match: these stylish high Guipure socks help you to look beautiful. You can try them with your loafers, pointy flat shoes, ankle booties, block heels.

Extended usages: You may like to wear these socks in spring, autumn, and winter. You can set the diverse colors of these socks with all forms of wearing in different places like parties, clubs, and family gatherings.

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