cartoon no show socks – set of 5


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Suitable for all seasons, Used for women, Slipper design, Spandex material, Brand OCEAN BLUEFIN, Cartoon Density type. Supply colors: Gray, white, blue skin color, and pink.

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Here have a kind of carton socks from the OCEAN BLUEEVIN brand. You can find it with model number: Women-MM075. These socks are suitable for all ages as they are without any obscene and indecent picture. Also, there is no sexually suggestive about this product. It is available in different, attractive colors like gray, white, blue, skin color, and pink. You can match it with different types of clothes.

Material: these slipper socks are composed of spandex and cotton body. These materials make these socks useful, soft, and great stretchy, so you can use them for a long time, and you will not misplace them shortly.

Packaging involves five sets of carton pattern type socks, sufficient for you to wear, replace, and even dispense with your friends. They are suitable for most ladies and girls.

Style match: these popular carton socks can impersonate you to look fashionable. You can coordinate them with your favored jeans and shorts.

Extended usages: these thick socks are customary for sneakers and all other shoes you prefer to wear in summer. You also can wear these socks to informal events, clubs, parties, etc. These are types of thin socks that you can use in summer, spring and fall.

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