pets hair remover(how to clean rugs and carpets)

Clean pet hair from surfaces and carpets with simple methods

If you own a pet, you can guess that your surfaces and carpets are full of pet hair. Pets often have hair, and this hair will undoubtedly find its way to your surfaces and carpets. Although you probably vacuum your home regularly, cleaning pet hair once it penetrates the carpet is harder than you think. Carpets are prone to pet hair sticking because they absorb the hair due to their texture and the presence of dust. After all, carpets contain a lot of dust and dirt, and if you have a pet in your home, you will probably come across the hair of these animals on different surfaces every day.

Carpets complete the look of your home, but the sad thing is that as much as they are beautiful. they also attract pet hair and environmental pollutants. Every pet owner loves these lovely companions, but finding pet hair in all parts of the house, from clothes to rugs and furniture, will upset everyone. Instead of dwelling on these lovely animals, it is best to learn how to clean your pet’s hair. In this step-by-step guide, we introduce you to the best ways to remove pet hair from carpets and surfaces.

1. Use a kitchen sponge

If your cat’s hair is stuck to the floor and difficult to remove. just go to one of your old kitchen sponges and get help. To do this, you need to pull a clean, dry sponge all over the carpet or rug.

Note: Before using the sponge, be sure to vacuum the carpet surface. If the surface you want is wide, you can use a sponge tee. To do this, slightly moisten the T and apply it to any part of the carpet where the cat’s hair is gathered.

2. Use fabric softener

To clean the carpet from pet hair, you can use fabric softener according to the instructions below.

  • Mix warm water with fabric softener in a ratio of three to one.
  • Pour the solution into an empty bottle and shake the bottle vigorously.
  • Spray the carpet with your home solution. The fabric softener reduces the level of adhesion of your pet’s hair, making it easier to remove from the carpet.
  • Finally, vacuum the carpet and simply watch the hair fall out.

3. Use a brush or carpet brush

By preparing a hand brush for carpets and rugs, you will have an effective tool for removing pet hair. These brushes can also remove hair that has a lot of adhesion between the fibers of the carpet. To do this, pull the brush or brush along the width of the carpet and separate the hair from the surface of the carpet as much as possible. In addition to removing the carpet from the pet’s hair, this has a positive effect on preserving its texture.

4. Use baking soda

Baking soda not only gets rid of cat hair, but also makes the carpet texture fragrant. To achieve this goal, it is sufficient that:

Sprinkle baking soda on the parts of the carpet where the hair sticks.

Let the baking soda stay on the desired surface for a few minutes and then vacuum it.

Baking soda makes it easier to clean hair by reducing its stickiness.

5. Plastic glass dryer test

Cleaning carpets and rugs from cat hair with a plastic dryer is like drinking water. Your only concern in the process of using this method will be to provide this device. Pull the dryer down along the carpet. By doing this, the hair is gathered in bunches. You can then remove the hair by hand or sweep it directly on it.

6. Wear plastic gloves

One smart way to separate pet hair from the carpet surface is to wear gloves and rub the carpet by hand. As soon as you start doing this. the hair will stick to your hands. Cat hair has a high ability to adhere to plastic surfaces. Therefore, using this method will not save them. After attaching the hair to the glove, dip your hand in a pan of hot water to clean the glove. Then you can go back to the carpet and mop the rest in the same way.

7. Use shoes with plastic soles

Plastic shoes are a powerful weapon for removing pet hair.

  • Get a pair of shoes with a plastic sole.
  • Wash the shoes to keep the soles clean. Now walk on your floor without worrying about it breaking.
  • When walking on the carpet, make sure that the carpet sleeps upwards.
  • Wool balls on the carpet can now be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

8. Use a special broom to remove pet hair

These vacuum cleaners are specially designed to remove pet hair. The cost of buying this vacuum cleaner is a bit high. but if you have enough money, do not hesitate to buy this powerful product that can solve all your problems to keep the house clean. This product is designed in such a way that with high suction and without clogging, it can reduce the amount of pet hair at home. In addition to hair, special brooms are also effective in removing other allergens. If you do not have enough time to take care of your carpet with a cat at home, you can always get help from a reputable carpet cleaning company.

The use of hot water and special washing powders can have a great effect on keeping your angels fresh. With the knowledge and technical skills in the field of carpet maintenance, you can always maintain the clean and natural appearance of your flooring. Many of these unique techniques can be applied at home without the need for service providers.

A few more points:

  • If you use plastic dryers, make sure they are long enough. Plastic makes it easier to separate the pet’s hair from the carpet surface.
  • You may need a carpet brush and then a vacuum cleaner or high suction power to remove cat hair from the surface of thick floors.
  • You may want to get a pet hair removal vacuum cleaner.
  • If you have enough time and energy, using plastic gloves and pulling them along the carpet surface is the best way to remove pet hair
  • Rub a balloon on the surface of the carpet to get the hair out of the carpet.
  • In some cases, it may be very difficult to remove hair from the surface due to the fibers of the carpet. If none of the available methods respond, ask service providers to clean your carpets, relying on the skills of professionals.

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