Everything about Diy pet bed

Dogs were one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans (about 15,000 years ago) and were widely kept by humans for their work, such as hunting.

From the very beginning, man has looked at this animal through the eyes of a companion and has considered a place for him to rest next to his house. But have you ever wondered what the benefits of having a place to sleep for your dog?

In the past, a bed of straw wrapped in hemp cloth was used to sleep dogs. Many people still believe that a dog bed is a luxury item and not necessary.

Humans sleep in bed because they need comfort. When you look at it this way, you see that your dog also needs a place to sleep.

A bed for a dog and 12 tips for making it;

Many dog ​​owners think that a sheet or a rug is enough for the dog to sleep, while they themselves are not willing to live without a bed. A good bed will greatly affect your dog’s sleep, not only will it provide the right amount of warmth, it will also protect your dog’s joints and muscles. Therefore, the bed is especially important for dogs as long as it is suitable. Here are some ideas for you to create a comfortable and interesting place for your dog to rest, after all, your loyal furry friend also needs a place to rest.

Build a dog bed

Dog beds, like vaccinations, food and other care, are necessary, and pet owners should be careful that the pet mat or dog bed is appropriate for its size. Therefore, before buying and choosing a bed, you should measure the dog’s body.

Pets usually like to sleep next to their owner. Due to this behavior, if the dogs did not welcome the sleeping mat early, you can encourage them to sleep by placing a sleeping place next to your sleeping place.

The bed or bed that is chosen must be washable. Animals with woolly bodies and long hair feel warm quickly. For this type of furry dog, you should use a sleeping area with short edges and cotton fabric that absorbs less heat.

Dog bed in the hiding place

This creative idea hides your dog’s dormitory from view. This is suitable for people who have little space in the house and with this method, you no longer need to consider a lot of space for their dog to rest. To build this shelter, all you have to do is open the door of one of your closets and put a mattress on the floor. To encourage your dog to sleep in this place, first put some of his favorite tools and toys in his new sleeping place.

Stylish bed

This model is a great bed for small dogs. This bed goes well with fashion! You can make this bed yourself, but if you do not have the skills to do so, just go to pet stores or furniture stores and find something like this. The next step will be to find a pillow that matches the color of the bed.

Dog bed in the living room

You must have noticed that dogs like to be part of the family, so by placing your dog in the living room, you will give him a comfortable place to sleep and lie down, and you will take him to family tours! This is a great idea for large dogs.

Dog bed in the suitcase

You can turn your luggage into a nostalgic and beautiful bed for your dog. This bed is very suitable for small dogs. Match the interior of the suitcase with the design or color of your room to make it doubly attractive. To do this, simply remove the fabric and replace it with a new fabric. But be careful to use a tool to keep the suitcase open and secure it so that it does not fall on the dog.

Colorful and comfortable bed

This idea is for those who have a colorful house and want to make it more colorful! Provide a colored mattress (in any color you like) and place it under a honeycomb table to make use of the unusable space of the room and do not allocate extra space to it. But remember to use soft mattresses to do this so that your dog can sleep comfortably.

Dog corner model bed

Set aside a corner of your home for your dog only. Prevent the wall from getting dirty by sticking wallpaper or anything else to the wall in that corner. Make this corner comfortable and exciting for your dog and install a shelf on the wall to place your dog’s biscuits, toys and other items.

Dog bed in front of the fireplace

One of the items in the pictures of a happy house and family is a dog lying in front of the fireplace. If you place your dog in front of the fireplace, you will give him a comfortable and warm space and also allow him to be present at the family gathering center. But be careful not to put your dog mattress too close to the fire, there is always danger.

Nostalgic bed for dogs

This simple wooden bed is completely nostalgic and reminds us of your childhood bed. Furniture does not always have to be magnificent to look beautiful! This simple bed relaxes the house. But be careful that the bed is not small for your dog and there is a mattress on it.

A dog basket is a place for dogs to sleep

A large wicker basket is a good place to sleep for small dogs. Put a pillow on the floor and encourage your dog to sleep inside. But if your dog starts chewing on his bed, use a deterrent to stop him from doing so.

Comedy bed for dogs

When it comes to buying fresh comedy, consider your dog. This is another idea for a comedy that both you and your dog can use. But be careful that the closet is not small for your dog, otherwise the dog will not feel comfortable and will not go inside.

Double bed

Bed for your dog or bed!

Sometimes your dog will prefer a larger bed, such as your bed. Here is the choice with you to leave the bed for him or share it with him!

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