What is the right dress to wear to a wedding?

To choose the right dress for the wedding, it is better to choose a dress that, in addition to being beautiful, beautifies and adorns you. In this article, we have prepared tips about the right dress for the wedding for you.

Inviting to a wedding will always be exciting and challenging for many people. Important in choosing a wedding dress, including the type of culture. where you have been invited and how close or strange you are with the people of that wedding. choose the right dress and you should know the principles of dressing for a wedding.

Tips on choosing the right wedding dress

No matter how long it has been since you last attended your wedding. a review of the clothes and accessories that you may or may not wear to other people’s weddings can be helpful. For this purpose, we have talked to experts in the field of fashion and here are some tips that can be useful to you about wearing or not wearing some clothes .using some accessories at the wedding of your friends or relatives. 7 things to wear for a wedding and 7 things not to wear;

You should choose monochrome clothes or simple designs

It may not be your wedding day and you are just invited to someone else’s wedding, but you know that there are cameras on the left and right and everywhere that take pictures of you, so you want to be beautiful and look your best. In order to do this, fashion experts suggest that “most monochrome clothes and simple designs are suitable for you.” Plus in this scenario, light clothing is a safe and correct option to wear.

Given this, it has been believed for years that we should avoid horizontal striped designs and use vertical stripes. If we want to look taller and slimmer, the right wedding dress can be said with confidence that this is the general principle. But when we know that we are going to be seen in a few photos. The opposite is true. As studies show, horizontal stripes give our body a slimmer look than wedding vertical stripes.

Be sure to wear a skirt up to your toes

Although the short dress or short skirt you just bought may be very beautiful and attractive to you, but a wedding is not a place to show it. So put it at home and look for a longer and more appropriate outfit. Shirts and skirts should be up to the toes. Since you sit and get up a lot at weddings, it is not interesting to pull down your skirt regularly.

Choose something suitable for the venue

If you know where the wedding is going to take place, you can use what is appropriate to wear in this place and what is not appropriate to wear. If you are going to be outdoors in the middle of summer, you can wear clothes that are very different. According to foreign fashion experts: Knowing the venue can help you figure out what to wear. A religious event may require you to cover your hair and arms, or an outdoor outfit would be appropriate for a beach event.

Suitable wedding dress for women

The good news is that even if you do not know much about the event you are going to attend or you are still not sure what dress is appropriate, most invitations can give you more information about it that you may choose at the time. Clothes are useful for you to wear in that ceremony.

“Consider the place and time of the wedding to decide how to dress,” says Sharon Schwatzer, an international etiquette expert. If the invitation shows that the ceremony will take place at sunset, then you know how to dress. “If the invitation shows that the wedding is in the afternoon, then your dress can be more casual and informal.”

What features should a suitable wedding dress have?

These days, some invitations even specify a theme for the wedding that the bride and groom may wish for. Most of the costumes for this ceremony (which is more in line with Western culture) are placed on several floors, known as “black ties”, or they can be informal or serious and important.

In terms of formal attire, “white tie” is higher and represents the covering of a beautiful long dress with a length up to the ground, and “black tie” indicates wearing a long dress on the floor or a short dress. You are wearing a suitable party dress, for a non-serious occasion, a party dress will suffice, and for a serious party, a simple loose dress is desirable for under the summer sun. If you follow these tips, then your situation for choosing clothes will become clear.

Learn more Wedding dress suitable for men

Usually men are much easier to prepare for a wedding than ladies. Their clothes are more limited, but you should note that to be beautiful, you need to have more information in this field and spend more time to set your style.


This is the first option for any gentleman who wants a wedding lamb, but the type of suit and how to choose its color and style will make you very different from others. Formal and classic suits are the simplest and least troublesome choice, but if you are tired of this uniform type, you can start with the arrangement of colors. For example, it is not necessary to wear a monochrome suit, types that combine different tonnages of the same color for a suit, suit and vest can also be very stylish.

Single coat

This choice is both much simpler than the previous one and that can be very attractive and exciting and of course economical. You can change your style at any event, with just a coat, and the rest of Tipton’s components will be the same as before. Especially if you choose a black or dark shirt and pants.

Tip: Remember to wear a single coat, you must be careful that it is exactly the size of your tent !.

Striped, checkered, or patterned coats are a good choice as a single dark coat so that they do not have the simplicity of a black coat.

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