Sitting elephant and deer as a toilet paper holder

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Elephant and Deer toilet paper holder, made of resin, origin: China. sitting

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Deer Blue
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Deer Pink
Deer Texture blue
Elephant Blue
Elephant Gold
Elephant Pink
Elephant Texture Blu
These cute and colored animal figures as toilet paper nowadays are so trendy. They are made of resin and they are from China.    If you have babies or young children having these small toilet holders can be fun for them also just because they are made of resin there is no need to be worried about breaking cause they won’t break easily too, so you can put these cuties into your restrooms for making it more pretty and cool.
When you buy these cute toilet paper holder  You can have kind of figure animals and toilet paper both. they are made in a sitting position .so you can put your roll paper around it, and also you can easily reach your toilet paper.

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