Hippo storage box


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Hippo storage box,made of resin,Animal antique imitation,Multiple colors


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Dark blue
Iron Gray
Light Blue

These cute hippo storage box is kind of animal figure are made in china produced by “Ermakova”
You can use these for making your home,room,or your office pretty or give them to your family and friends as a gift or even souvenir  and bring them alot of memory. this product is special for the one who love animal figure,they can have a storage and animal figure both.

Foretheremore you can use it as an antique imitation it will bright in your table.

As you can see there you can put lots of your stuffs such watch,glasses,cellphone,remote control ,keys or even chooclate,sugarplum and comfit in it easily.

Here in this website represent three color of this colletion (Iron gray,light blue and dark blue)

These cute hippo storage boxes made of resin,and just because they made by resi, they wont break easily ,so you dont need to be worried about it.

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