Cool dog with big mouth as a storage box

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Cool dog with big mouth as a storage box,made of resin,brand:homexw,include different colors

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Black w.Glod
Texture Black

Here the we interduce another product of” Homexw” brand which are Cool dog with big mouth as a storage box.
this product is from china,The regional feature is  from europe.these cool dogs are storage box and kind of decorate figure so you can have both together.They are made of resin and cause of that they wont breal easily.

they can be specialaized for the ones who love animal figures and need kind of storage.you can have it in multiple colors.

you can put your stuffs or some tiny sugarplum,chooclates in it or have it on your bedside table too.

Then of you want to do not want to forget your keys put these cutties beside your desk or table.

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