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What Are Slipper Socks?

I promise that you can not find anything as comfortable as slipping socks into your preferred set of comfortable slippers after a hard day at your job. You may do not like wearing slippers in your home, but you might be more like to wear slipper socks instead.

While there are several available styles, you can widely decide among them. But be careful that it can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you want. I want to introduce you to everything about slipper socks.

What are slipper socks?

 Slipper socks are a kind of footwear. These thick socks have heavy soles and design for use at home. Wool, polyester, acrylic, microfiber, and chenille are among the common materials of these slippers. You can find these slipper socks in different sizes. Also, there are some brands present socks that one size fits most people.

The most popular outsole model highlighted in some slipper sock types is leather, although suede types are also popular. The sole also includes slip-resistant points to present traction and consequently stop slipping and dropping. Many slipper sock styles also highlight a synthetic lining that helps you keep your feet cooling and sweat-free.

Many of these socks include Sherpa lining and microfleece to hold your feet heated and comfortable when used, and we can count them as comfortable socks.

Slipper socks are famous for the heated and easy options for general house slippers. If you want to buy this sort of footwear, we suggest you some ideas to keep in mind.

Guidelines for determining the best slipper socks


The material of a slipper sock you want to buy is paramount as it is something that will touch your skin directly. Therefore, it is important how suitable your socks are once you wear them. Here, we name some of the regular materials used for slipper socks.

  1. Wool – Wool is a type of material for slipper socks. Wool socks will not fade even if you wash them a couple of times. As you wear them, you will feel a lot of warmth and cushioning to your feet. Wool slipper socks are ideal for cold winter days.
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  1. Acrylic –  Acrylic slipper sock varieties will include spandex to provide a more form-fitting size. Acrylic is strong and will efficiently wick away the wetness that may rise to accumulate when you wear slipper socks for a long time. As you use acrylic slipper socks, you will feel warm while it will not irritate you.
  1. Polyester – Polyester is a substance that enables you to use your slipper socks for a long time if you use them well. They are immune to fading, and you can find them in a wide variety of colors.
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  1. Microfiber –  The softest and most comfortable material that you can find is microfiber. However, slipper socks produced in this matter are not expressly mild. You will not worry about your feet heating or becoming wet, which is a good point of these socks.
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  1. Spandex – Spandex socks are usually mixed with another type of substance to make the slipper sock stretch. These socks will fit the wearer appropriately.


You have to be sure that the slipper sock you want to buy fit you as well as other usual socks. Pay attention that it does not matter how comfortable your sock is if it will not size you. Many slipper socks models are one-size, which suits everyone. These kinds of socks are not an apprpriate choice for people who have too small or too large feet. It is good to go through the reports of verified customers. It helps you to see how the slipper sock you want to buy fits your feet.


When you talk about slipper socks, comfort is the best point of that. Nobody likes to spend his money on a pair of socks that will eventually not seem comfortable to wear. For example, some of these materials are too scratchy, and you might not like to wear them. Here, I mention three types of material you want to choose.

  1. Sherpa lining – The same as acrylics or cotton, sherpa is polyester, in some cases. Sometimes it refers to faux shearling or faux-sheepskin. Even if you wash them regularly, sherpa lining is soft and fluffy. So you can pick them as a great choice that provides your convenience.
  2. Microfleece – Microfleece is a soft and silky material. It makes you feel warmth and comfort as a wearer.
  3. Jersey – Jersy is an extra soft substance that makes you feel like you are among fluffy clouds.


You can find slipper socks in a wide variety of colors and patterns. If you like to wear slipper socks just in the winter days, you intend to use them as a hospital stay, or you need a comfortable pair for walking around the house, there will be some pattern and style choice that fit your demand.


If you usually are unstable on your feet or your home has tiling or wood tiles, you may need to buy slipper socks that include traction in their traction to avoid sliding and slipping. Some species have grips under the feet to stop unexpectedly falling and hurting. Although slipper socks do not appear as much traction as usual slippers, they are more secure than traditional socks about traction.


If you want to protect your feet at your future dance or yoga training or need a warm and furry pair of socks for a comfortable night, there are different types of slipper sock to choose among them. They are suitable for cold winter days and provide coverage from physical stubs and prevent you from sliding on tile and wooden floors.

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