Do you know how to fold socks?

Although arranging socks is easy. But many people do not put their socks in order. While this does, when it comes to wearing socks, you can easily find the socks you want and save time. So it is better to arrange your socks and get rid of socks that are not practical.

Discard rotten, worn or worn socks. After removing the discarded socks and discarding them, the remaining socks can be categorized by color, style, or use, and then each can be placed in a regular drawer. In this text, we will examine practical and simple ways to arrange your socks.

Fold and arrange the socks

  1. Fold the socks to prevent them from being stretched.

Many people usually wrap their socks together like a ball. While this method causes the sock to be stretched. So it is better to arrange the socks in pairs and fold them in half. This way the socks will last longer.

Once you have folded the sock in half, fold it again. In this way, the socks become smaller and also give a special beauty and appearance to the drawer.

Folding the socks again will prevent the socks from being damaged. So depending on the length of the socks, you can fold them in two or more. Note that the socks should be folded so that they are the same size. The easiest and simplest way to fold socks is in a rectangular shape.

  • Separate the socks based on the color and arrange them

In this way, socks that are similar and have the same color can be placed in one place. This makes it easier to find them when needed. To arrange all the white, dark, and multi-colored socks in separate batches and put them in the drawer.

If your socks have a lot of color and are woven from different color combinations. In this case, you can raise them according to the dominant color. That is, categorize socks based on yellow, green, or patterned socks.

  • Sorting socks based on ease of use when needed

If you wear different socks on different occasions. In this case, arrange them separately. It may be a school sock. Other socks are like winter socks or use other socks for different parties and celebrations. In this case, arrange the socks according to your needs and uses.

Put all the socks you use on a daily basis in the front of the drawer. Put socks that you use infrequently in the back of the drawer. Sports socks can be placed in one category and work socks in another category.

  • Arrange the socks in a row and fit them

If the drawer for storing socks is small and your socks can easily fill it. In this case, you can place the folded socks directly and in equal rows inside the drawer. Place them so that their edges are visible and placed in the drawer according to the category done. However, if your socks do not have much variety. In this case, you can put them directly in the drawer.

  • Use a basket or separator, so that the socks can be easily separated.

You can buy a basket or organizer to arrange the socks. These organizers can be purchased from online stores. Put your categorized socks in the basket and put them side by side in the drawer. Therefore, to separate the socks, you can use a basket or special separators.

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