All about Pendant necklace(history of necklace)

The necklace can be considered as the first jewelry that human beings used. In the past, they used necklaces in ritual and celebrations, and somehow signed the class situation of each person. For this reason, gems and precious metals were used. Today, the use of pendants between men and women is of particular popularity.

One of the main components of the necklace is a bar or chain that closes around the neck. Chains are generally gold, silver or platinum. Each necklace has an attached part that is hanged or placed inside its chain. These appendices include pendants, plaques, spells or crosses that are used from precious or semi-precious materials such as diamonds, pearls, ruby, emerald, lol, or sapphire to make it.

Historical necklaces

Prehistoric people often used natural materials such as fill, bone, oysters, as well as herbal material to build necklaces, but in the bronze era, metallic jewelry replaced pre-metal ornaments.

The first historical evidence that the elementary necklaces appeared are the sculptures and art of the east near the ancient, but the first necklaces in which expensive metals used with rocky pendants were built in Europe. In Mesopotamia, cylindrical vertebra was drawn to yarn and used as jewel.

In the ancient Greece, a very delicate necklace was made with the help of the art of the music. For the first time, new types of multi-layer chains, which were woven, were made. Decorating these chains included:

  • Flowers and shrubs with green or blue glaze
  • Animal forms
  • Pendants in the form or form of a pot that the tips were hanged from the end.

There were also high gold chains with a carved hanging along with a small fragrant container hanged from it. New styles in the Heleni wings and filled:

  • Necklace colorful jewelry that was made by colored rocks and paid
  • Phinial head of animals
  • Spear pendants
  • Pendants in the form of bud and blossom

In ancient Rome, the necklace was just one of the various types of jewelry used by the elite. Gold and silver necklaces were always adorned with semi-precious objects such as amber, pearls, amethysts, as well as precious stones such as sapphires and diamonds. In addition, strings of pearls and enameled gold plates and shiny tapestry stones were often used.

    Necklace of three chains for sports and girls.

Necklaces are among the favorite jewelry of women that have various and stylish models. The latest models of women’s and girls’ necklaces are three-chain necklaces that have small and delicate pendants. Three-chain necklaces are more popular with young and modern girls and are only suitable for clothes that have an open collar because they are not interesting with closed-necked clothes.

If your sports or ball gown is open collar and you use three-chain necklaces, you will have an extremely stylish look. These necklaces will increase the beauty of your dress, especially if your dress model is simple.

Jewelry necklace and its features

Necklace has long been one of the favorite jewelry of women in various social classes.

The necklace is a symbol of wealth and power.

Sometimes the price is equal to the price of a small house.

Compared to other decorative items for the neck, the necklace has a special place, it is placed in the middle below and its shiny stones are visible.

The materials used for the necklace are gold, silver, precious stones, crystals and glass.

Beautiful necklace gives women more beauty and charm.

Types and quality of making jewelry necklaces

Types and quality of making jewelry necklaces

The patterned necklace focuses on your collar and face.

Most jewelry models have different elements of shapes and sizes that are larger in the middle.

Another feature that makes jewelry look more expensive is that the necklace must be luxurious and special, otherwise it makes no sense.

The most popular jewelry are gold necklaces with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls.

Perhaps the emphasis is on stone, which completes the look by choosing an expensive metal.

Such models are designed for the nobility.

Well-known brands have their own designs and deliver works of art.

Various collections can be seen at very high prices.

Familiarity with 5 types of stylish and popular pendants for gold necklaces

Necklace pendant

Necklace pendant is a fun, attractive and of course very easy way to change your appearance. In this article from Parasteh Gallery blog, we want to acquaint you with the necessary information about necklaces and the reason for using them.

Are you looking for different ways to increase the variety of jewelry you have? If so, it’s good to know that one of the best ways to handle this is to look at the different types of pendants you can buy.

Changing jewelry will help you feel and experience a new style. This can give you significant personality traits and also show off a new way to show off your luxury and luxury type.

However, the first step to finding the right pendant is that you first need to know about the different types of necklaces. In this article, you will get acquainted with the different shapes and styles of the pendant so that you can find the right pendant for yourself.

1- Crystal necklace pendant

While it’s important to be fashionable, it is also important to note that you no doubt do not want to look like everyone else around you. If you are in the market for 2 way radios for personal use, you have come to the right place. You may want to buy a crystal pendant. Some crystal pendants may have one color and others several different colors, but it is important to know that these types of pendants can always maintain a perfect and permanent appearance.

Crystal pendants are perfect for those nights when you want to look a little more dignified; Like when you go out to dinner with your fiancé or spouse. The different colors of the crystal help you to shine under any orange light while fitting the clothes you are wearing.

2- Cross pendant

The cross is one of the most popular styles of necklace pendants in the world and you will definitely not go wrong with buying a new cross pendant for your collection. In fact, many believe that your jewelry collection will not be complete unless at least one cross shines in it.

3- Teardrop pendant

If you are looking for a simple necklace pendant that displays the shine of the stone inside, teardrop pendants will be a good choice for you.

The teardrop or teardrop pendants, as the name implies, have a teardrop shape with a raised stone in the center. The stone inside the pendant manifests the spirit and complete beauty of the whole piece of the pendant, and this stone actually attracts the eyes of many people in the crowd as a focal point.

You may want to add some of these teardrop pendants to your jewelry collection because teardrop pendants come in so many different designs to suit any occasion. For example, a blue Swarovski crystal teardrop pendant adds a bit of magic to any outfit.

But if you are looking for something that you can hang around your neck almost every day, then find a teardrop pendant that has a neutral crystal color. While teardrop pendants are commonly used for luxury occasions, they can also bring out the everyday look and feel.

4- Khamseh pendant

A stone is made for the Khamseh pendant to be the “eye” of the pendant and to protect the person who hangs it around his neck from the evil eye or to keep him away from any negative situation.

Khamseh pendant is a wonderful gift for wife, friends, sisters, brothers and children. because of its deep meaning. The interesting thing is that all the pendants are made similar and you can give it as a gift to anyone you want to have a good chance!

5- Pearl necklace pendant

Do you know anything other than a piece of pearl jewelry that seriously boasts of luxury and beauty in a woman? of course not.

The same is true of pearl pendants. Pearl pendants are one of the most popular styles of pendants that you can buy. Dear friends, if you are looking for a gift for a lady, pearl pendants are a smart and of course stylish way to attract their attention.

Pearl pendants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are often combined with other types of pendants such as teardrop pendants and flower pendants. These pendants are stylish, first-class and elegant at the same time, and they are one of the styles that almost every woman loves to hang one of them around her neck.

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